Backhoe vs Excavator

Posted by ozment2016 on January 13, 2018
Category: Backhoe

Medium to heavy duty construction requires heavy duty equipment such as a backhoe and excavator. The two are considered juggernauts in building differ not only in size and weight, but also in terms of functionality, versatility, and transportability. Here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe, we often recommend our clients the most effective and cost-efficient equipment and service we see fit for their project and budget.   If you are wondering which one is better,

Adding concrete to your property can immediately boost its appearance and durability. Concrete goes with almost anything, especially with roads, sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, yards, garage, and much more. However, this building material is no different from others in terms of vulnerability to damage. Here are some of the most common concrete problems you might encounter.   Cracking: This might be the most common problem you might encounter. Concrete is prone to cracking because of

Here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe, we are often asked by our clients about what kind of equipment will fit their job order. As a reputable name in construction and concrete pumping in the State of Oklahoma, our answer will always depend on the details of the project and the overall needs of the client.   When it comes to carriers, the skid steer and compact wheel loader are highly recommended as they are

Road safety should never be compromised. We at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe are strong advocates of better roads and concrete for both private and public purposes in the State of Oklahoma. One of the biggest hindrances in achieving this is potholes. In fact, it was tallied that six billion dollars are spent on automobile repair and medical treatments caused by potholes.  

What is a Pothole?

A pothole is usually a large cavity on