Skid Steer vs Compact Wheel Loader

Here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe, we are often asked by our clients about what kind of equipment will fit their job order. As a reputable name in construction and concrete pumping in the State of Oklahoma, our answer will always depend on the details of the project and the overall needs of the client.


When it comes to carriers, the skid steer and compact wheel loader are highly recommended as they are both versatile and efficient. For those who are unaware, the former is the smaller tool that skids its tires when moving around an area while the latter has a more steerable movement and articulated view of the area.


Although the skid steer is often the popular choice in America, we still advise our clients to see their options before fully deciding. The factors in choosing the right equipment can depend on lift capacity and height, hydraulic horsepower, transportation needs, movement speed, and more.


Compact Wheel Loader

The main advantage of a compact wheel loader is its generally larger bucket which can carry more load, perfect if you need a versatile heavy carrier. Since it is bigger than its counterpart, your seating is higher; hence, you definitely have more visibility. You won’t have much trouble looking when backing. Furthermore, the wheel loader feels solid in your hands as you can easily maneuver and control the power when driving.


Skid Steer

On the other hand, a compact wheel loader can never out-maneuver a skid steer. Despite its smaller bucket capacity, we can highly recommend this equipment as a carrier for smaller spaces, especially with its short turning radius. A wheel loader generally wins in terms of reach and height, but a skid steer is incredibly dependable when transporting and repositioning items quickly and comfortably.


For more information on carrier equipment, please visit our blog again soon as we are constantly updating it. Thank you and have a nice day!