Common Concrete Problems

Adding concrete to your property can immediately boost its appearance and durability. Concrete goes with almost anything, especially with roads, sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, yards, garage, and much more. However, this building material is no different from others in terms of vulnerability to damage. Here are some of the most common concrete problems you might encounter.


Cracking: This might be the most common problem you might encounter. Concrete is prone to cracking because of contraction from time and weather, shrinkage, or poor application and material used. Seeing a crack for the first time might cause you to panic, especially if it’s huge. The best way to address this is to call professionals and see how deep the crack is. It is important not to let this stay exposed outside for long, especially if there is rain or snow as moisture can seep into the concrete.


Discoloration: Nobody likes a faded or stained concrete. Concrete discoloration can happen due to extreme weather conditions, poor material, water, different materials, or calcium chloride added during application, wrong finishing, or too much troweling. This can be addressed by certain concrete cleaners.


Scaling: Usually caused by poor finishing and water/moisture seepage, scaling refers to the surface of the concrete chipping or breaking. You can ask trusted professionals for the right material to use, or you can have them address this problem immediately. The flaking will continue until you have it fixed.


Crazing: Consider this as cracking, but on a smaller scale. Crazing involves a number of small cracks only on the surface of the concrete. In other words, this is purely aesthetic and you don’t have to worry about its stability. However, when gone unaddressed, it can appear larger, accumulate moisture, and even lead to the depreciation of your area’s value/image. You can address this by contacting the company that applied the concrete finishing because crazing is usually caused by wrong application.


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