Backhoe vs Excavator

Medium to heavy duty construction requires heavy duty equipment such as a backhoe and excavator. The two are considered juggernauts in building differ not only in size and weight, but also in terms of functionality, versatility, and transportability. Here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe, we often recommend our clients the most effective and cost-efficient equipment and service we see fit for their project and budget.


If you are wondering which one is better, then there is no definite answer. We can only determine the perfect fit for you based on your needs as each kind has its own advantages. Below is a quick comparison of the two.



Not only is the excavator the larger and more heavy-duty option, it is also has the advantage of being able to rotate the chassis and boom by 360 degrees. A backhoe can only reach up to 200 degrees. This benefit is perfect for transporting larger loads, perfect for industrial purposes. We recommend an excavator for heavy projects such as demolition, digging large holes, heavy-duty lifting and placement, and more.



A backhoe, which consists of a dipper and a boom, may be the smaller option, but it is without a doubt the more versatile one. It can be utilized for medium to heavy construction projects such as pools, swimming pools, building pads, footings, water lines, gas lines, septic tanks, storm shelters, tree removal, demolition, drilling holes, and much more.


This equipment is highly recommended for jobs that require traveling quickly, have multiple tasks at hand, and have different sizes and conditions of the space.


For recommendations and additional information on choosing the right kind of equipment for your construction needs, please visit our blog again soon. For more a more professional and personal consultation in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa Oklahoma area, then contact us at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe today. Have a great day ahead!