Using Backhoe in Tree Removal and Clearing Stump

Removing a tree from your yard or any property is never a walk in the park. This is why we at Clayton Concrete & Backhoe always tell our customers here in Oklahoma City and Tulsa OK area that tree or stump removal should always be left in the hands of professionals.


Hazards of Tree Stump Removal

Although there are others who would see that keeping a tree stump can be no problem at all, here are some of the dangers it can bring to your home:


– It can be a safety hazard to kids running around your lawn as they can easily trip over or hit it.


– Stumps are known to be breeding grounds for pests, especially cockroaches. They can also be carrying infestations or plant disease that might affect other trees in your area.


– Splinters or pieces of wood from the stump can damage your possessions, equipment i.e. lawn mower and weed whacking machine, or worse, ricochet in other directions and hurt someone.


– Even after cutting the tree, roots from the stump can still grow uncontrollably and damage other parts of the house like driveway and garden patch.


– It can be both displeasing to the eye and a hindrance in your landscaping plans.


Why Use a Backhoe in Clearing a Tree?

There are many ways on how to address a tree stump. Some people resort to using removal products with chemicals designed to decay a stump until it is weak enough to be easily removed. The problem with this method is that the chemicals can infect other plants and even be toxic to animals and the process can take a very long time before you can actually remove the stump. There are also those who rely manually or using a chainsaw. However, these can be both dangerous and also time consuming.


A backhoe is a very flexible construction equipment. Many experts even recommend it for the entire tree removal process, from breaking up the dirt below, removing the tree (and even including the stump altogether), and covering the hole back. Since it is relatively easier to operate, professionals can have it done quickly and efficiently. All you need is good equipment and good people behind the job.


Here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe, our equipment is highly reliable not only for removing stump, but also for versatile construction projects including digging, trenching, ground leveling, building foundations, and many more. Learn more about our backhoe and other construction services by visiting our blog. If you are in need of one here in Oklahoma City & Tulsa Oklahoma area, then call us today and we would be happy to serve you right away. Thank you.