Common Issues With Concrete

Over time, your concrete can become cracked and worn out. Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe specializes in pouring concrete in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area. We’re experts in concrete and help our clients when they need a new slab poured.   Here are some of the things you can Read More

What to Know Before Pouring New Concrete Driveway

We specialize in concrete pouring here at Clayton Concrete & Backhoe. Our team serves those that live in Oklahoma City and Tulsa area with our concrete services. One of the things we do for our customers is to pour concrete for a new driveway.   If you are planning to Read More

Can I Pour Concrete in the Rain?

“Can I pour concrete in the rain?” This is one of the most common questions our clients here at Clayton Concrete & Backhoe often receive. The concern is warranted since Tulsa, Oklahoma City is a hotbed for rain and other inclement weather throughout the year. Once and for all, let Read More

Advantages of Concrete Pumping

Here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe, we are often asked by our clients on how they can speed up their construction and improve the quality as well. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, we always recommend the use of concrete pumping as it is an effective modern tool Read More