Concrete Ideas for Your Backyard

Have you been looking for a new and fresh way to spruce up your outdoor space? Concrete details can add curb appeal and value to your home. The team here at Clayton Concrete & Backhoe is an experienced concrete pouring company that serves the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area.


We have a few ideas of ways you can use concrete to make your home look more appealing.


1. Front Yard Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can really add a level of sophistication to a home. They are versatile and can blend with a variety of styles. Whether you have more of a bohemian style or high society and chic, adding a concrete retaining wall is a beautiful addition to your home. They are best used outside of homes with sloped yards and add a level of protection, helping to keep the soil stable behind it.


2. Concrete Fire Pits

Everyone loves sitting around a campfire with friends and family. Why not ditch the temporary pit and have a permanent concrete fire pit installed?


You can even opt for a concrete seating area around the fire pit so you don’t have to worry about having enough chairs for everyone. Make sure that you put a lot of thought into where your family and friends love to hang out since this will be a permanent fixture to your home.


3. Stamped Patio Surfaces

Stamped surfaces add a lot of fun and personality to an area. You can take the beauty of concrete and amp it up a few notches with beautiful patterns and designs. Patio surfaces can be stamped which will add value to your home in the case you ever decide to sell it. Or you can choose from basic textured designs or even a hardwood plank appearance.


We Offer Concrete Pumping Services

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Common Issues With Concrete

Over time, your concrete can become cracked and worn out. Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe specializes in pouring concrete in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area. We’re experts in concrete and help our clients when they need a new slab poured.


Here are some of the things you can expect from your concrete when it gets older.


Stains and Discoloration

Stains and discoloration are one of the most common issues with concrete, especially oil stains. Did you know that the sun can also cause discoloration to concrete?


It is a good idea to move around unfixed furniture if you want to keep your concrete from bleaching out. The upside to concretes ability to absorb color is that it can be stained in a multitude of beautiful and attractive colors.


Cracks in Your Concrete

Cracks in concrete are a very common occurrence and luckily it’s not necessary to fix each one of them. You do, however, need to keep an eye on them to make sure they do not get larger and create a hazard to you or your vehicle.


Cracks can occur from weather changes and heavy vehicles. If you can stick a nickel inside of the cracks you should look into getting it repaired soon.


Erosion and Weather Concerns

Erosion is caused when the soil underneath is not compacted firmly enough before construction. Over time weather and the weight of your vehicles assist in this erosion process and the concrete starts to crumble or sag. It is, however, a fixable problem so there is no need to worry if you attend to it.


We Offer Concrete Solutions

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How Backhoes Can Be Used to Dig Swimming Pools

Backhoes are highly versatile machines that have many uses, such as digging holes for swimming pools. The team here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe has skilled operators that use our backhoes for projects in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area. Here is what must be done to dig a hole for a swimming pool:


Mark Utility Lines

One of the first and most important things we do is mark your utility lines. This is so we don’t dig into utility lines and cause issues with the rest of your home. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to mark private lines such as water, septic and gas.


We help make the digging process as easy as possible. We offer our customers a free consultation and then we will schedule a date to locate utility lines. Once the lines have been marked, we begin the digging process.


Dig a Spot For The Pool

After marking the utility lines, it’s time for us to start the digging process. Our skilled operator will dig a hole to the specifications needed for a pool to fit in. The backhoe allows one person to tackle a large project on their own, which is why it is used in pool installations.


Excess Dirt

After the hole is dug, some of the dirt may need to be used to level out around the pool and fill in gaps. However, there will be a lot of excess dirt you need to do something with. There are two ways to deal with your excess dirt. Have it hauled off or keep the dirt. Excess dirt can be used to grade other parts of your yard.


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Things to Consider Before Pouring Concrete for Your Loading Dock

A loading dock is pivotal to companies that rely on the safe transportation of goods and materials. Here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe, we pump concrete for businesses in Oklahoma City and Tulsa area. If you are a company that needs a loading dock, you will need a solid foundation for the docks.


Here are some other things to consider when building a loading dock:


1. Location – Since your loading dock is going to be used often, top-level security is incredibly important. You want your loading dock to be efficient, but most importantly, you want it to be safe for your employees to use. If you can separate it from general parking, that would provide more security.


2. Vehicle Accommodation – When mapping out the size of the concrete for the loading dock, you’ll need to consider how much space a truck needs to back in. Also, you should consider how much space you’ll need for other large trucks to get past parked trucks.


3. Slab Thickness – The thickness of a concrete slab is usually determined by the amount of weight it will hold. For example, most sidewalks are 4 inches thick and driveways are around 6 inches thick. However, in order to support the weight of heavy loads, you will need a slab that is a minimum of 10 inches to 12 inches thick. Also, the slab must be able to hold the weight of dock levelers while the loaded truck is parked.


Other considerations to think of regarding the slab thickness is the soil conditions. Softer soils will require a thicker slab to support the weight of a load.


Do You Need Concrete Pouring?

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5 Ways to Use A Backhoe

Here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe, we offer our backhoe services to Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and the surrounding areas. This versatile machine allows one of our operators to tackle large jobs that would require many laborers to do by hand.


These are some of the ways we use our backhoe for our customers.


What is a Backhoe Used For?


The backhoe features a bucket and a plow that make it perfect for digging or grading. It has a wide range of purposes and can help you get the job done fast. Here are five ways you can use your backhoe to help you complete your task.


1. Digging Trenches – While there is more than one way to dig a trench, using a backhoe is one of the most effective ways. The operator uses the bucket to dig into the ground and move the dirt where it needs to go. Trenches are used to bury water mains, phone lines, gas pipes, and more.


2. Uprooting Trees – If you’ve ever tried to pull a stump out of the ground or uproot a tree, then you know how difficult a task it is. A backhoe is able to sever the roots and dig the stump out of the ground quickly. It also limits the amount of effort and clean-up needed after the uprooting.


3. Grading a Road – The plow on the opposite end of the bucket makes grading a piece of cake. Pushing the plow allows us to grade a road, making it smooth and even. This is important when laying down new pavement on the street or in a driveway.


4. Move Dirt – Most worksites accumulate piles of dirt that can get in the way and can become a headache to move. The backhoe’s bucket makes it easy to scoop dirt and the plow makes it easy to push the dirt where it needs to go.


5. Plow Snow – If there has been a buildup of snow on a roadway or on a worksite, you can use the plow to clear the snow


These are some of the few reasons why the backhoe is one of the most versatile machines on the market.


Do You Need a Backhoe Service?

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