Concrete Pumping

Here at Clayton we are offer concrete pumping to the folks here Oklahoma. Concrete Pumping is a very efficient, reliable and economical means of placing concrete. An sometime can be the only way of placing concrete, such as a high rise building, or certain locations where the chutes of a concrete truck can’t reach where the concrete is needed.




In addition to the above concrete pumping also save time, money, and labor to contractors, homeowners, and businesses alike and can be used for almost anything such as pool decks, patios, footings, driveways, add-ons, building, foundations, piers, retaining walls, shot Crete, basements, and safe rooms to name a few.


So if you are looking for a concrete pumping service and not real sure who to call here in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa Oklahoma area then give us a shot at Clayton Concrete Pumping and Backhoe.


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