How Backhoes Can Be Used to Dig Swimming Pools

Backhoes are highly versatile machines that have many uses, such as digging holes for swimming pools. The team here at Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe has skilled operators that use our backhoes for projects in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area. Here is what must be done to dig a hole for a swimming pool:


Mark Utility Lines

One of the first and most important things we do is mark your utility lines. This is so we don’t dig into utility lines and cause issues with the rest of your home. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to mark private lines such as water, septic and gas.


We help make the digging process as easy as possible. We offer our customers a free consultation and then we will schedule a date to locate utility lines. Once the lines have been marked, we begin the digging process.


Dig a Spot For The Pool

After marking the utility lines, it’s time for us to start the digging process. Our skilled operator will dig a hole to the specifications needed for a pool to fit in. The backhoe allows one person to tackle a large project on their own, which is why it is used in pool installations.


Excess Dirt

After the hole is dug, some of the dirt may need to be used to level out around the pool and fill in gaps. However, there will be a lot of excess dirt you need to do something with. There are two ways to deal with your excess dirt. Have it hauled off or keep the dirt. Excess dirt can be used to grade other parts of your yard.


Do You Need Backhoe Services?

If you need backhoe services in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, we can help you. Clayton Concrete Pumping & Backhoe knows specializes in operating this equipment. We can manage both large and small projects for you. Call us now! We look forward to hearing from you.

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