When is the Best Time to Use a Backhoe?

Here at Clayton Concrete & Backhoe, we are often asked by our customers in the Tulsa, Oklahoma City area for recommendations on which construction equipment suits their project. There is no one size fits all solution for every job, but most of the time a backhoe is the closest thing there is. It is extremely versatile, mobile, and cost-effective. The question is: When is it the best time to use a backhoe?


Landscaping Jobs


Many landscapers consider backhoe as their go-to equipment. It is perfect for digging up and/or moving trees and keeping their roots intact. It can also move boulders, rocks, soil and dig fence post holes, small ponds, and trenches. Regardless of the terrain, a backhoe delivers.


Road Works


A backhoe is always present from the beginning to the end of most road construction projects. The plow on the opposite end from the bucket can help grade or smoothen out the road. After using it for digging, a backhoe can then help in pushing the dirt away from the construction site.


During winter, even when there is no construction ongoing, people use backhoes to plow snow and clear roads.


Multiple Projects


We cannot stress enough how versatile and functional a backhoe really is. It is a highly popular machine in other industries, i.e. agriculture, cemetery operations, swimming pool construction, military, and schools, universities. When you rent it out, you can use it for both your residential and commercial projects. Unlike other equipment, a backhoe can be used to destroy, fortify, expand, and build properties all at the same time.


Learn more about backhoe and other construction services here in Clayton Concrete & Backhoe by visiting our blog again. If you are in need of one here in Oklahoma City or the Tulsa area, you can call us today and we would be happy to serve you right away. Thank you.

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